Secret Dog Health Care Tips Your Vet Won’t Share

I am going to share just a few of the secret tips that
your vet does not want you to know. These tips will help save you money and
leave you with a healthier, happy dog.

Every year, millions of dogs are taken to the veterinarian for things that could
easily be treated at home, saving you the hassle of a trip to the vet and a ton
of money in the process.

I am sure that you already know the dog health care tip about ordering your pet
medications online. But did you know that you could also order antibiotics
for your dog online without a prescription? This is a great dog health
care tip if your dog suffers from a reoccurring condition and needs these
medications on a regular basis. is a great place to order your
dogs medicine online and save some money in the process. One of the best
features of is that you can choose to purchase from several different
sources, compare prices and shipping fees all on one page.

Here is another great dog health care tip. If you have an older dog
that suffers from arthritis, you can ease your dogs arthritis with things that
you already have at home. Simply take an old knee sock and fill it with
regular rice (not instant). Once the sock is nearly filled, tie a knot in
the top of the sock and microwave it for 2-3 minutes. Before placing
this in your dogs bed, make certain that it is not too hot. This little
rice filled sock will stay warm for hours, providing moist heat and hours of
relief for your arthritic dog.

Before closing there is one more dog health care tip that I want to share

with you. This one tip alone could save you hundreds of dollars a
year. If you are a dog owner that loves to give your dog treats, you are
literally throwing your green away when you purchase those high dollar designer
treats. If you want a tasty treat for your dog that is healthy and
affordable, do your dog and your wallet a favor by picking up a package of fresh
baby carrots. You can also peel and cube apples for a healthy dog
treat. The carrots and apples are much healthier for your dog and you will
save a ton of money in the process.

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